Ross, Jack

Bronwyn Lloyd: Jack & Friend

Jack Ross
(1962- )

Jack Ross is a New Zealand poet and fiction-writer. He teaches English and Creative Writing at Massey University’s Albany Campus, and is the author – or editor – of some 45 books to date. He is also managing editor of the journal Poetry New Zealand.

A list of his publications can be found here.


“Picture yourself on a Gold Coast beach, the wind idly leafing through the pages of a much-annotated copy of Benjamin’s Arcades Project on your lap; as ‘Baudelaire’ flashes by in your peripheral vision, you disinterestedly observe a sleek conferential shark feeding – though far from frenziedly – on a smorgasbord of swimmers, whose names end with unstressed vowels and whose togs are at least a size too small. The water is the colour of an $8 bottle of rosé. I find reading Ross – to borrow his victims’ parlance – kind of like that."
– Robert McLean, Landfall Review Online.

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