List of Topoi (2017)

Cover design: Lisa Baudry

Jack Ross:
The Annotated Tree Worship: List of Topoi. ISBN 978-0-473-41329-3. Paper Table Novellas 2 (ii). Auckland: Paper Table, 2017. iv + 94 pp.

Workplace bullying lies at the heart of List of Topoi, the second in a pair of twin novellas by Jack Ross. Or does it? Perhaps there’s something stranger going on here. Just who is this narrator, anyway, and what kind of an agenda might he have?

Jack Ross’s publications include five poetry books, three novels, two novellas, and two collections of short fiction. He is the managing editor of Poetry New Zealand, and works as a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Massey University’s Albany campus.

List of Topoi:
  1. Breaking - p.3
  2. Entering - p.13
  3. Marshes - p.22
  4. Shores - p. 31
  5. Margins - p.38
  6. Tomb - p.47
  7. Cave - p.56
  8. Labyrinth - p.57
  9. Eros - p.66
  10. Dreams - p.75
  11. Pictures - p.77
  12. Food - p.82
  13. Goddess - p.89

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